Medway Clean Up Volunteer and Environment Agency Group Photo

River Medway Against Plastics

Working with Maidstone Borough Council,  Medway Valley Countryside Partnership (MVCP) are researching ways to tackle local litter, especially plastic pollution, in the rivers of the Medway catchment.

We aspire to have in-channel litter collectors and to recycle removed plastics, but first we need to better understand where litter accumulates, how long it remains in the area and what the potential pathways are.

With support from the Environment Agency and local volunteers, we are undertaking surveying and research whilst also carrying out clean up events and recording all the litter we find.

Want to get involved?

  • Please complete our short questionnaire about litter hotspots and pathways.  Click on the button below.
  • Become a River Warden Volunteer and regularly collect litter along your chosen stretch of riverbank.  Get equipment and support and help collect data on litter types and pathways.  To discuss becoming a volunteer or to join an organised clean up, please email
  • Join a clean up event or run your own!  Email to discuss.  Our next event is on: Wed 11th September. See our Events page nearer the time for more details.



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